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As I was renewing my domain name, I figured out I had been posting here for quite a while now :) at a completely irregular frequency, I must admit. Anyways, thank you to all of the readers for your support and interest in my articles ! It was really pleasant to read the various comments or mails you sent me.

As for the blog itself, well, I learnt a lot. About machine learning, obviously, but also about this thing called SEO. I am a little bit surprised by the success of some articles and the oblivion others fell into, but I guess this is how referencing works. One of my most read articles is python plot 3d scatter and density though it did not take much time to write, while a stacking tutorial in Python and theory behind model stacking seem to be invisible from a search engine point of view… But I am not here to rant.

The plan, if any, is to keep posting articles about all the aspects of machine learning which I consider interesting ! I have some material for the decision boundaries of common machine learning algorithms, some code for decision trees, random forest and parallel computations in OCaml and more data visualization snippets…

Another thing, if you like my content and want to support me, I joined the Brave creators program. So if you use this browser and want to help, I would gladly receive BAT tips! Thanks to the anonymous donors who already contributed.

And as usual, if you have some topics you are curious about, some tutorials you would like to read, just let me know in the comments or by mail, I will see what I can do!

Have a nice day!

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